Schneizel El Britannia – Code Geass

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Schneizel el Britannia (シュナイゼル・エル・ブリタニア Shunaizeru eru Buritania) is the Second Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire and the Prime Minister of Britannia. Though he appears only a few times in the first season, he serves as the primary antagonist of the second season. Schneizel is a strategist on par with Lelouch, as he is the only person whom Lelouch was unable to beat in chess as a child. Schneizel is ruthless and cold, willing to sacrifice lives, innocent or not, without a second thought to achieve his ends. To hide this, he often puts on the appearance of a bureaucrat willing to do peace; however, his actions are inhumane, such as forcing an arranged marriage between Odysseus and Tianzi, as a way to annex the Chinese Federation without shedding a single drop of blood. Conversely, he is seemingly very charismatic and caring toward his subordinates. When Lelouch becomes Britannia’s 99th Emperor, Schneizel, alongside the Black Knights and other soldiers opposing Lelouch, confront him, with Schneizel planning to take the throne from there. However, Schneizel is defeated and Lelouch uses his Geass on him to make him follow Zero’s orders. He is present at the Zero Requiem as a prisoner and remains under this Geass (now following Suzaku) even after Lelouch’s death.

Source: Wikipedia